On April 26. 1877, Mr. Cutting was married at the University Place Presbyterian Church to Miss Olivia Peyton Murray, daughter of Bronson Murray and Ann Eliza Peyton.  They   had four children:, 

William Bayard Cutting Jr. (1878 - 1910)
Justine Bayard Cutting (1879 - 1975)   She married George Cabot Ward 1901.
Gov. Bronson Murray Cutting (1888 - 1935)
Olivia Murray Cutting (1892 - 1949)  She married Henry James 1917.

​Mr. Cutting was a director of the Metropolitan Opera and a trustee of Columbia University. He was also a director of the New York Botanical Gardens, the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

William Bayard Cutting died on board a special train bound for New York from Tucumcari, New Mexico, where he had been spending several months in hope of regaining his health. Death occurred near Rock Island, Ill and following an attack of acute indigestion on March 1, 1912.

The Cutting Family at Westbrook, May 1909

William Bayard Cutting - holding a cane and hat, with a book next to him on the bench

In November 1949, Mrs. Olivia Murray Cutting passed away and her daughter, Olivia Bayard James, continued running the estate until 1952 when the arboretum management was fully transferred to the Long Island State Park and Recreation Commission, which at the time was headed by Robert Moses. 

Back: Bronson Murray Cutting and Bayard
Middle: Iris Origo's Grandparents and Olivia M. Cutting
Ground: Justine Bayard Cutting

Bayard Cutting Estate

William Bayard Cutting
​(1850 - 1912)

William Bayard Cutting was born on January 12, 1850 in Manhattan, New York.  he was the son of Fulton Cutting and Elise Justin Bayard.  He graduated from Columbia College in 1869 and Columbia Law School in 1871.

As a lawyer he assisted his grandfather Robert Bayard in the management of his railroad company.  He also continued to operate the ferry system of New York City and the city of Brooklyn.

William Bayard Cutting in 1904 - Painted by Ellen Emmet Rand

Murray Family History

1887 Painting of Olivia Peyton Murray
by Alexandre Cabanel

To the Memory of William Bayard Cutting

One of the Founders of the City & Suburban Homes Company

And a Pioneer in Promoting Model Homes

Located at the intersection of East 79th Street and East End Avenue in New York

 Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Olivia Peyton Murray (1855-1949)

The Great River Estate, known as "Westbrook" originally consisted of over one thousand acres. Only part of this area was deeded to the State of New York.
​In 1938, Mrs. Bayard James donated an additional three hundred eighty-two acres, and her mother, Mrs. William Bayard Cutting, established an endowment of over $1,000,000 for the maintenance of the arboretum.